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Crystalline Silica Safety Employee Training Program (2018)


The first deadline for compliance with OSHA's new respirable crystalline silica regulations was September 23, 2017. If you etch, sand, crush, cut or otherwise release dust from granite, pavers, sand, concrete or other natural stone, or do abrasive blasting with sand or on surfaces that contain silica, you are at risk of exposure to hazardous airborne crystalline silica and lifelong health consequences.  
  • Where silica is found

  • Health risks associated with crystalline silica

  • Job tasks that put you at risk

  • Requirements of OSHA's new regulations

  • Effective solutions to eliminate exposure

  • How you can protect yourself

This training program is a 2 disk set that includes: 

  • Employee training DVD

  • Instructor Notes

  • Student Handouts

  • Copies of the OSHA Respirable crystalline silica regulations for General Industry and for Construction

  • Related guidance documents, including including materials containing Silica and hazardous work tasks, specified silica exposure control methods, medical opinion and report documents, and some industry specific informational documents related to silica exposure

  • A Student Quiz and Answer Key to ensure the information was understood

  • Certificate of Completion to document your training efforts

  • An instruction guide that lists any additional steps you must take to be in compliance with OSHA regulations

  • Our 800 number with free support

GET THE POINT of OSHA regulations with this Employee Safety Training Series that enables business owners and safety professionals to present a consistent message on important safety topics and to satisfy their OSHA training requirements. Our training programs save you many hours that it would take to prepare a training presentation yourself and reduce the resources required to present the information each time training is needed. Each program includes everything you need for a fully OSHA compliant training program.



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